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Awesome silky shine

artease®colors meets the highest expectations thanks to it's unique Three-Wheat-Protein formulation. The three proteins differ in size making the color and lightening processes exceptionaly gentle to the hair. This enables artease®colors to penetrate the hair structure more effectively resulting in healthy beautiful hair. Even chemically sensitized hair has a soft, satin sheen.

artease®colors guarantees brilliant and natural looking colors, thanks to the high quality and purity of its ingredients. Natural Tones do not have a “green” sheen. A combination of selected, long lasting KUPPLER* color pigments (99% unoxidized), cover gray/white hair up to 100%. Very predictable color results.

The ammonia content is one of the lowest of all the color products available. Mix artease®colors cream color, which consists of 92% natural extracts, with artease®peroxide. The result is a creamy, easy to apply hair color that delivers healthy, silky-shiny hair. 

Thanks to a great palette of brilliant and true Natural Tones, artease®colors is a multi-faceted product.

artease®colors is a permanent and demi-permanent cream hair color of the highest quality with the latest technological developments that satisfies the highest demands:

  • Extremely mild and gentle

  • Even color results

  • 100% gray coverage

  • Predictable and long lasting color results

  • Cleansing agents in artease®colors makes color residue easy to remove from skin & scalp

eight levels of lift

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2 Bleaches for all of your lightening Needs

Powder Bleach
Suitable for all lightening techniques (highlights, overall blonding, and lightening). Up to 8 levels of lift. Available in a can and refill sizes.

Color Bleach
Is available in Copper-Orange

  • One step lightening and pigmenting

  • For high-lights and dimensional color only

  • Recommended for dark or black hair (tinted or natural)

  • Not recommended for gray/white or blonde hair


5 Levels of Activators

Highly stabilized peroxide. Ph factor 2.5 to 3.5

In contrast to most oxidation emulsions, artease®activator releases oxygen gradually and consistently making artease®activator extremely gentle to the hair structure. Enriched with high quality waxes, artease®activator protects the hair structure during the chemical process, enhancing the quality of the color. Shiny, vibrant and balanced hair color is the result.